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Audiobooks: Are They For You?

One of the reasons most readers will not try audiobooks is that it seems a lot of trouble to set up. Those who take the trouble, quickly fall in love with them. 
The main company offering audiobooks is Audible, and through them, Amazon. To download the book, even if it is FREE, you need to have an audible account.
When you navigate to audible.com, you are met with the “First Month FREE, but $14.95 after first month” advert. Anyone who wants to redeem a free code and test the audiobook waters, is forced to open an account.
Most people are leery of opening new accounts. Many have had experiences where companies make it very difficult to close memberships. Some keep charging for months after the membership is closed, and you have to jump over hoops to get your money back.
Audible is owned by Amazon, and they are very good with customer relations. You will have no problem closing your account. You might love the perks that come with the $14.95 monthly fee and decide to keep it.

If you forget to cancel, you will be charged.  NOTE: You will need to provide a Credit Card or a VISA Logo check card.  If you close the account before the month is out, you will not be charged.
If you cancel, the following will happen:
***Your books will remain in your library to be
      used at will.
***You may still buy audiobooks, but they will
      not be discounted.
***You will not get additional monthly credits,
      but you can still redeem any gift codes that
      authors give you. Spend your credits before
***You get to keep the book you got with your
      Free Month’s credit.
Now you have an Audible account. If the author gives you a Gift Code,  you must redeem it for a book. A Gift Code is not a book, but it is a credit to buy a book.

I will always gift the audiobook itself, not the code. You’ll get a notice sent to your email that you’ve been gifted an audiobook. You must now download it.
You must sign into your Audible Account and go to Listening APPS. The following apps are available for the following devices. You may install one on your phone, one on your tablet, one on your desktop, or even one on your MP3 player.
iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone
Kindle Touch, Fire Tablet, Amazon Echo
Android Tablet, iPad, iPad Touch
Windows Tablet
Your PC or laptop 
iTunes, MP3 Player
Once you have the proper app installed in your listening device, now you can open the app, sign in, and access your book!

It is really easier than it sounds.
   1. Open Account. Get your gifted  book. If the gift was for a
       Gift Code, then you must redeem the code first.
   2. Download the proper App for your device.
   3. Access your Free book and listen! 

Now, you can search for Free author Gift Codes for more free books. 
If you wish to try the audiobook route, I have Gift Codes for both Strongheart’s Woman and Daniel’s Fork, but I will redeem the code myself and gift the audiobook directly to you. Please, open your account and download your app first.

I will gladly gift you an audiobook if you write a short honest review for it after listening to it. I NO LONGER GIVE OUT THE CODES. I redeem the codes and gift the actual book.

Email me at zeecelugo@gmail.comand give me an email where I can send the audiobook gift. It may not be a kindle address. It must be your personal email address.

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Audiobooks: They Have the Advantage!

Audiobooks are the latest reading craze. I can understand why. When I was a young girl, radio was big. There was always a radio on in my house. My mother was a big music fan, but she was also a big fan of the “novelas.” 

“Novela” is the Spanish word for novel. Here, when you say the word “novel,” it is understood that you are talking about a book. In the Latin countries, the meaning is usually taken to be a soap opera.

Soap operas were the most popular daily entertainment when I was growing up. By the time I was ten years old, mom watched her favorite ones on TV. Before that, the Spanish soaps played on the radio! In fact, they played on the radio for decades. My mother swore that they were far more exciting on the radio.

I remember that she listened as she worked at her chores. The soaps would start in the morning and play until noon. The stories usually played daily for about six months, sometimes longer, but they always had an end. As soon as one ended, the next one started. 

Most of them had a woman’s name for a title such as Maria, Carmen, or Juliana. A few famous ones did not: for example, Corazon Salvage (Savage Heart) and El Derecho de Nacer (The Right to be Born). Interestingly, Savage Heart has been re-made several times for Spanish TV.

Every neighbor waited with bated breath for each episode. Often, they got together in the evenings and discussed the last episode. Thinking back, I can honestly say that they were addicted to the radio soaps. 

I can also see where the radio soaps were superior to the ones shown on TV today. For one thing, the voices for the characters were distinctive and highly dramatic. Of course, it was the same group of actors and actresses playing them all the time, but no one cared. You see, the imagination filled in the gaps.

There was one very sexy, deep, manly voice that everyone loved. The actor’s name was “Ricardo Montalban.” Yes, just like the actor that played on The Love Boat. It seems that it’s a common Latin name. When Ricardo did a novela, not one lady in the neighborhood missed it. It was great that they could listen and never be late with lunch. 

Everyone envisioned Ricardo as tall, sleek, dark, and devastatingly handsome. My mother thought that he might look like a passionate, dashing Gypsy. My aunt argued that he would look like a Spanish caballero. Imagine the heartbreak when with the first TV novella, they heard the gorgeous voice attached to an aging, overweight, balding gentleman with bad teeth. It broke their hearts.

Audiobooks are the equivalent of the old radio soaps. You don’t have to stop working to listen. In fact, listening makes a chore or task go by faster and more enjoyably. Also, the book goes by faster as the speed of the reader is steady and usually faster than most people’s reading speed. Best of all, your imagination fills in all the gaps according to your taste. It is no wonder they’ve become so popular.

Have you never listened to an audiobook? Well, here’s a treat for you. On the links below I have provided examples of two of my books in audio format. Just click to listen. 

Strongheart’s Woman                     Daniel’s Fork