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How to Load Non-Amazon Books Into Your Kindle

Recently, I gifted books to those loyal members of my VIP list who had  60% or higher open rate to my emails. My gifted books are downloaded through Bookfunnel links which allow you to select a preferred format: Epub, Mobi, or PDF by choosing your reading device. Remember that Epub cannot be read on a Kindle.

Claiming my gifted book from Bookfunnel is easy, but getting the book into your Kindle device requires a little know-how. There are 3 different methods you can use.
a. You can do it the Bookfunnel way by installing the Bookfunnel App.
b. You can do it the Amazon way by installing the Send to Kindle App.
c. You can do it your way by Emailing the book file to your Kindle.

I find that the Send to Kindle App way is the easiest, but the Bookfunnel App is the nicest because it places your book in the Kindle’s library along with all your other books.

Bookfunnel will ask you to download the Bookfunnel App to your Kindle. This App is very useful, as most free books given directly by authors are usually downloaded using Bookfunnel. The App places your book seamlessly into your Kindle library.

However, you do not have to accept the App. You can also opt to download the Mobi file at the bottom of the list and use another method to transfer it to Kindle.

***Before you start the process, go into the settings of your Kindle, click on Security & Privacy, and TURN ON Apps from Unknown Sources. This allows you to install Apps that are not Amazon’s property. Amazon makes it sound scary with the word “Unknown” because they want you to use only their proprietary or approved Apps.

Claim Your Book Using the Bookfunnel App.

Step 1
Click on Get My Book. The Bookfunnel process asks you “What do you read on?” It gives you a list of choices. Your choice here determines the format you’ll get. If you want to save the book to your Kindle, choose Kindle Tablet or E-Reader.

Step 2
Bookfunnel gives you a choice of Kindle readers as well as a Mobi file. (I have a Kindle Fire, so I choose that.) If you choose the Mobi file, it will download to your computer or mobile device to be saved as a file.

Step 3
If you selected a Kindle device, you are now asked to download the Bookfunnel App. Follow the steps given to do that.

Step 4
Once the App is installed in Kindle, you claim the book, and it appears on your Kindle library along all your Amazon books.

Once your Bookfunnel App is installed, you never have to do it again. Claiming your Bookfunnel books will be a simple step.

If downloading the App is something you don’t want to do, then choose the Mobi File. You can still store it and read it in your Kindle by following the steps below.

Using the Send to Kindle App.

There is a wonderful App from Amazon  called the Send to Kindle App. You can download it for free HERE.

It’s available for PC, MAC, your browser, your email, and your Android device. It takes seconds to install, and you can use it to send any file to all your Kindle devices.

When you install Send to Kindle, you will not see an App shortcut on your desktop. The command “Send to Kindle” appears when you right-click on any book file or document, as if you were using the “print” command. Click on it, and the App opens.

Send to Kindle is super easy to use. Any book you send which is not Amazon bought, will be found in your Docs tab in your Kindle device (Not in the Books Library).

Sending a Book by Email to Your Kindle

You must first add your email address to your Kindle settings:

Step 1
Go to your Amazon Account. With your cursor on your Amazon account, scroll down to Content and Devices. Click on it.

Step 2
Select Preferences, and then select Personal Document Settings.

Step 3
Scroll down to Send-to-Kindle Email Settings. Here you’ll find the special email address of your Kindle. Write it down.

example: Mine is zeecelugo@kindle.com

Step 4
Scroll down to Approved Personal Document E-mail List. This is where your enter any email address from which your Kindle will accept mail. Enter your own personal email.

example: Mine is zeecelugo@gmail.com

Now you are ready to send files, including books to your Kindle.

Sending the book:

Step 1
Open your Email App and start a new message. Make sure you are writing from the personal email address that you authorized in your Kindle settings.

Step 2
The Send to address is your Kindle’s email address.

Step 3
Click on Attach and add your book file as an attachment. Usually, your newly downloaded book is in Downloads. I save mine to Desktop, where I easily find them.

Step 4
Make sure to write “file” or “book” in the subject line. You need write nothing in the body of the email.

Step 5
Click Send. Wait a few minutes, open your Kindle, and find the book under Docs. If you don’t see it, do a quick sync of the Kindle. The book will show up.

The emailed books appear under Docs on your Kindle’s Home screen. They do not appear in your books library. In your Amazon Account’s Content and Devices, they also appear stored under Docs. You can click on any title and deliver it to any of your Amazon licensed devices.

Readers often think their book failed to transfer because it’s not listed in the library. As in the Send to Kindle App, the emailed book appears in your Kindle’s Docs tab.

Note: If you know how to transfer books to Nook or any other popular reader, I’d be glad to post your input.

Hope this post helps!